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Looking for car insurance in Dewsbury? Why not compare quotes online or get in touch with insurance providers in or near Dewsbury who can provide more quotes for you.

For your protection all these companies are listed as members of the British Insurance Brokers' Association, and are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Car Insurance Premiums in Dewsbury's Neighbourhoods

In Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, the car insurance premiums are as varied as its localities. Each area, with its unique blend of history and current conditions, influences these rates in its own distinct way.


Ossett, known for its market town charm, often sees moderate insurance premiums. The mix of local traffic, residential areas, and bustling market days contributes to this.


Batley, with its rich industrial heritage, tends to have slightly higher premiums. The busy urban environment and denser traffic are significant factors here.


Mirfield, blending rural beauty with urban convenience, generally enjoys lower premiums. Its quieter roads and lesser traffic volumes make it a less risky area for insurers.


Heckmondwike, a small town with a bustling centre, experiences varied insurance rates. The traffic conditions can fluctuate, especially during peak shopping hours.


Thornhill, with its historical landmarks and quieter streets, often benefits from more favourable insurance rates. The peaceful and less busy roads contribute to this trend.


Ravensthorpe, featuring a mix of residential and industrial areas, sees a variety of traffic conditions. This leads to a range of insurance costs, reflecting its mixed character.

Traffic Conditions Summary in Dewsbury's Neighbourhoods

  • Ossett: Moderate traffic with a mix of local and market day bustle.
  • Batley: Denser urban traffic due to its industrial background.
  • Mirfield: Quieter, more rural roads with lower traffic volumes.
  • Heckmondwike: Varied traffic, busier during peak shopping times.
  • Thornhill: Peaceful streets with historical charm, lesser traffic.
  • Ravensthorpe: A blend of residential calm and industrial activity.

Could any of these brokers find you a suitable policy?

(Please note: we have no connection with these companies. However they are listed as Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which is absolutely essential for businesses selling insurance, and they are itemised in the order of their distances from Dewsbury.)

Coversure Insurance Services (Batley)
Telephone: 08003081123
Visit The Website
500 Bradford Road
West Yorkshire
WF17 5JY

Beresford I.B. Ltd
Telephone: 01613366551
Unit 4 Antler Complex
Bruntcliffe Way
West Yorkshire
LS27 0JG

Howden Insurance Brokers Limited (Wakefield)
Telephone: 01924241900
First Floor
8 Navigation Court
Calder Park
West Yorkshire

Arthur J Gallagher (Wakefield-Brand Partners)
Telephone: 03450000058
Visit The Website
Phoenix Court
Jacobs Well Lane
WAKEFIELD, Yorkshire

Coversure Insurance Services (Bradford)
Telephone: 08003081146
Visit The Website
Unit 2B, Suite 2
Link 606 Office Park
Staithgate Lane
BRADFORD, Yorkshire

Marquis Insurance Brokers Ltd
Telephone: 07873566558
Visit The Website
Carrwood Park
Selby Road
LEEDS, Yorkshire
West Yorkshire
LS15 4LG

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